In this text, we can in-intensity study approximately the groups that offer 4G services in Pakistan, the 4G gadgets they provide, charges of the 4G gadgets & their maximum first-rate features.


Zong 4G is the leading & most famous internet broadband business enterprise in Pakistan. Let’s look at a number of the 4g gadgets released by using Zong.

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Zong 4G Bolt+ (Huawei)

Zong 4G Bolt+ (Huawei) gives pace & ease for the uses.

Its top notch capabilities are its

Speed that reaches 150Mbps, making it the fastest transportable net device to be had in Pakistan
Just plug the device & enjoy rapid internet pace, no software installations required
3g/2g option to be had
Rechargeable Lithium Battery 1500 mAh, three.8 V

The rate of Zong 4G Bolt+ is Rs 2,800.

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Zong 4G Bolt (Huawei)

Another Zong 4G tool that gives speedy velocity net at the gadgets with the aid of simply plugging the device & gambling. No software set up is needed.

Its super capabilities are:

Connects up to ten Wi-Fi gadgets concurrently
Fast Internet Speed that goes up to one hundred fifty Mbps
Plug & Play
It supports Wi-Fi 2.5GHz and five MHz bands
Availability of a micro SD card slot
Options for 2g, 3g, LTE available

The charge of the tool is Rs 2,500.

Zong 4G Bolt+ (Fiber Home)

Zong 4G Bolt+ (Fiber Home) is a fantastic device provided by Zong, providing first rate speed. It is a transportable device, more like a cellular hotspot & connects 10 customers or networks.

Its first rate features are:

Fastest Internet Portable Device in Pakistan
Speed of the device reaches a hundred and fifty Mbps
Software Installation now not required, simply Plug n Play
Connect 10 devices simultaneously
Options for 2g,3g, LTE to be had
Supports Wifi 2.4Ghz band.
Rechargeable Lithium Battery 2100 mAh, 3.Eight V

Price of the tool is Rs 2,500.

Zong 4G Bolt (Fiber Home)

Get access to rapid Zong 4G LTE community with the aid of shopping Zong 4G Bolt (Fiber Home)

Its awesome capabilities are:

Fastest Internet tool in Pakistan
Blazing rapid net with speed up to 150 Mbps
Software Installations now not required, Plug n Play to revel in fast streaming
Supports up to 10 gadgets/networks simultaneously
Connect to any pc, power supply
Availability of fallback to LTE/3G/2G
Availability of SD card slot
It supports Wi-Fi 2.5GHz and five MHz bands
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The rate of Zong 4G Bolt (Fiber Home) is Rs 2,500.


Jazz is the largest cellular issuer in Pakistan. Overall it has the highest client base in comparison to other telecom groups. In terms of its 4G devices, let’s observe what Jazz has to off
Jazz 4G devices & programs
Jazz 4G Wi-Fi Device
It is supported on WinXP(SP3 onwards)/Vista/Win7/Win8 Win10/MAC/Linux.

Its high-quality capabilities are:

Supports 12 Wi-Fi devices along with 1 USB tethering.
Control the tool by means of downloading cellular app Jazz Wi-Fi on both Android and Apple Store. The app may be used to change the fundamental settings of the device.
The battery capability is 2300mAh.

The price of the 4G Jazz Wi-Fi Device is Rs 4500.

Jazz 4G Wingle tool:

The tool is supported on WinXP (SP3 onwards)/Vista/Win7/Win8 Win10/MAC/Linux.

Its wonderful functions are:

Supports 12 Wi-Fi devices along with 1 USB tethering.
You can manage the tool through downloading cell app Jazz Wi-Fi on each Android and Apple Store. The app may be used to trade the primary settings of the tool



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